Have all the questions? Here’s a few of the most Frequently Asked (your standard FAQ’s if you will). If you have more that you want more clarity on, shoot us an email at hello@thediamondlife.co

  • Where did your name come from?
    • Jesus. No, for real.
  • Is my purchase refundable?
    • Due to the variation of each month’s surprise box, which include instant downloads, there is no monthly refund. If you wish to cancel, you are always free to do so prior to the monthly charge, but we’ll miss you!
  • Can I use the images and graphics everywhere?
    • Absolutely! You don’t have to credit The Diamond Life, but if you want to, we won’t mind! However, these images and graphics are non-exclusive, and not for resale, distribution, or commercial use. You may use them for personal, business, or client work, but if you are wishing to use them in a paid physical product (book, magazine, etc.) you must get a commercial license by emailing hello@thediamondlife.co
  • Who should use The Diamond Life?
    • Well, We believe that everyone should. But for a more concrete answer, we’d have to say:
      • the small business owner who is looking for new tools for their business and sleek, clean graphics and images.
      • The not-so-standard essential oil maverick who wants to try out new products and have images that look modern, but not like everyone else.
      • Health and wellness enthusiasts looking to stand out above the crowd.
      • Anyone who wants to be on the cutting edge of the wellness industry.
      • So basically, you!
  • Are you just about a subscription box?
    • Ab.so.lutely. NOT. Our modern, oily, and unique subscription boxes are our first step in a long line of dreams we see coming to reality. Next up is a monthly offering of sleek and modern stock photos. By hopping in now, you’ll be on the ground floor for some of the most exciting happenings yet!
  • What’s your favorite food?
    • Sandy: Street Tacos. No contest.
    • Lisa: Anything she doesn’t have to cook, and doesn’t have a vegetable on it, in it, or around it. We know who the adult is here.